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CrossFit Access – Female Hormones
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Hormones control a wide range of physiological reactions in the body such as energy production, reproduction, muscles growth and mood. Hormones play a role in building new muscle tissues as well as burning fat. Therefore it is important to understand which hormones are released during exercise. This CrossFit-Access panel provides an insight into core performance female hormones including:

– Oestradiol:This hormone is responsible for controlling female reproductive system and growth of Breast tissue. High levels can cause acne, depression and loss of sex drive. High levels can also indicate high risk of uterine and breast cancer. Low levels can lead to osteoporosis, imbalance with menstrual cycle as well as fatigue.

– Progesterone: Responsible for preparing the body for pregnancy as well as improving fat metabolism. Progesterone has also a role in improving bone density and mental thinking.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: Sex Hormones circulate in the blood bound to SHBG, which means they are unavailable to your cells. Measuring this hormone provides information about SHBG levels that are available for use. High levels indicates that there is less concentration of testosterone available for use whereas low levels may indicate an excess of these hormones.

– Cortisol: A steroid hormone that is released by the adrenal glans in response to stress, trauma, infection, obesity and exercise. Cortisol is released in a daily pattern, peaking in early morning and declining in the evening. Cortisol supports energy metabolism during long periods of exercise by breaking down triglycerides and protein to produce glucose necessary to fuel muscles.

– Testosterone: Male sex hormone that is responsible for bone and muscle strength, as well as energy and sexual function. Testosterone is produced in the body in response to exercise, in particular progressive strength training. Raised testosterone levels in women can result in the appearance of male characteristics such as body hair, deeper voice and acne – all symptoms of polycystic ovary condition.

– DHEAS: This Hormone is responsible for male characteristics in men. High levels in both sexes may indicate Cushing’s disease (overproduction of cortisol) as well as suggestive of adrenal tumor. High levels are also seen in individuals on DHEAS supplements. Low levels may indicate adrenal abnormality and in males may experience low sex drive and fertility problems.


  • Recommended For:

    Active females of the Cross-Fit Access club.

  • Tests Included:
    1. DHEAS
    2. Testosterone (Total)
    3. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
    4. Cortisol (Serum)
    5. Oestradiol (E2)
    6. Progesterone
  • Special Notes:

    No preparation required prior to sample collection.

  • Estimated Turn Around For Results:

    3 Business Days

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