Q: Are my test results accurate?
Yes. All your test results are provided by a NATA accredited medical laboratory

Q: Are my test results confidential?
Yes. Your lab results and personal information are confidential and secure.

Q: Do I need to show an ID at the collection Centre?

Q: Are there any special instructions I need to follow to prepare for my lab test?
If any special instructions are required, it will be displayed under “Special Notes” in the test/package page.

Q: Should I continue to take my medication before getting my test?
Always consult with your Doctor before you stop taking the medication for any reason, including ordering lab test.

Q: Does “fasting” mean nothing to eat or drink for a specific amount of time?
When instructed to “fast” for a specific amount of time, you should have no food or beverages other than water. You will be sent a fasting instruction sheet when you order your Test.

Q: Where are my lab tests performed?
All diagnostic tests are analyzed in a NATA accredited laboratory with state of the art medical technology.

Q: How do I find a collection centre near me?
Use our lab location page to find a collection centre, a map and obtain driving instructions.

Q: Is an appointment required to do my lab test?
No. You can simply walk-in, hand over your request form and get your test done.

Q: When will I get my test results?
Tests results are usually available online within 2-3 business days, often with 24 hours. Some tests will require additional time for processing. Testing timeframe will be displayed for under tests/packages panels.

Q: Can my doctor view my results directly?
No. We have restricted the online access to you personally. However, you can print a test report that you can share with your doctor.

Q: If a treatment or medication is required, will My Lab Zone write me a prescription?
No. My Lab Zone only provides the requisition for testing and the test results to you. Please consult with your GP regarding any required medication and / or treatment.